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Why Use Frame Set?

Frame Set is a searchable collection of reference frames, curated for directors. Before using Frame Set, directors would have to think of a commercial, music video, or movie they watched recently - then find where to watch it and select an individual frame. Frame Set takes care of that entire process, while adding so much more.

Key Features

Mobile Friendly

Using our mobile web app; Frame Set allows you to search, download, and share references frames all from your smart phone or tablet.


Know right away when Frame Set adds more reference frames from your favorite director, brand, artist, or cinematographer.


Create your own, personal, collection of frames. Share those frames with others outside of Frame Set or collaborate with other Frame Set members

Music Video Moodboards

Search thousands of music video frames to create a beatiful moodboard.

Film Specific Tagging

Search thousands of references with advanced tags, made with filmmakers in mind. Find a frame with a specific color, frame size, tone, and so much more. Combine tags to create advanced searches to find unique frames; like a beautiful wide frame with a red background. No matter the search, Frame Set can help you find the perfect frame.

Ad & Music Frames

Frame Set holds the first library of commercial & music video frames. These frames allow filmmakers to create unique treatments, pitch decks, and moodboards for their next project.

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Keyword Searching

Search reference frames in a completely new way. With keywords, you can search a variety of frames with any word that comes to mind. Yes, even cowboy hat.

Made for Filmmakers



For creative agencies, winning a project can come down to the right frame. Search thousands of frames from commercials, music videos, and movies.



A quality collection of frames can help get a creative team on the same page. Directors can now create beautiful look books and mood boards, easier then ever before.



Education is important for any craft. Cinematographers use Frame Set to find beautiful frames to further their knowledge of film.



Whether you’re an Art Director, Costume Designer, or Colorist: Frame Set makes collaboration easier by finding a frame to reference for your next project.

Commercial Treatments

Search thousands of high quality frames for your next commercial treatment.